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    Ningxia Hong An Information Media Co., Ltd. was established in Decemeber, 2011, the registered capital is 2.6 million yuan, which located in Yinchuan IBI Incubation Center. The primary business of our company includes communication, information technology products, E-commerce applications, the developing, marketing and technical consulting service of computer software technology. We were regarded as the double-soft enterprise by Ningxia Commission of Economy and Information Technology in March, 2012. Besides, we are the member of Ningxia Information Industry Association and Yinchuan E-commerce Association. We also have 2 registration certificates of software products and 6 software copyrights. The sales revenue is 1.42 million in 2012, paying taxes is 211,900 yuan. The projected sales revenue will break through 3 million in 2013, and paying taxes will be 300,000 yuan.
    As an information technology company takes the technology innovation as the principal thing, the life of company is developing and innovating of information and technology products. We have an elite venture team, which has strong competence in content conformity, operators resources, technology development, service operation and market expanding. We have reached the cooperation partnership with Yi Yang Communication, IBM Northwest Branch, mainly provide information technology products, software development, internet, applications and solutions of wireless value-added services and so on. We rely on the abundant resources,  superior technology and self-developing value-added services platform to keep fine partnership with three biggest operators, which are Mobile, Telecom and Unicom, we manage to provide the abundant information service for clients by the network channel of the above three biggest operators.
    Hong An obtained the Ningxia dealership of Lakala Slot Card in 2013. At present, we have reached the cooperation agreement with Bank of Ningxia  and Xinhua Department Stroe Group, we can set the terminals in halls of Bank of Ningxia, and Xinhua Supermarkets so that we could provide the convenience financial services for citizens. This project also brings Hong An the considerable benefits. Lakala Cellphone Slot Card is proceeding to pass data by audio, it can back up the smartphones, in order to provide financial service for clients, such as payment, top-up, online shopping, repayment of credit cards, fund transfering, remittance and so on. Besides, it also back up the mobile internet business, such as air tickets, lottery tickets, cinema tickets, business travelling life and other forms of business services, all these services have the exclusive discount for clients of Lakala.
    Our company has cooperated with Ningxia Unionpay to finish the mobile payment software in 2013, and it is going to access in multiple channels; moreover, we have developed the Hong An OA Cooperative Office System in succession, Hong An POS Management System, Tiny Plan System, Supervision System, The Bridge Test System and many other fields information-based system, and appy for the Registration Certificate of computer software copyright in succession. So far, we have reached the initial cooperative intention with China Mobile Communication Group Ningxia Branch, we develop the partly customized software and cooperate with them to develop webmaster data analysis system for the data division of Ningxia Mobile, Group Client Department, Network Management Center and other departments. Our company has already signed the customized service with Network Construction Maintenance Department of Ningxia Mobile, we will develop the relative software of project management.
    2013 is the essential year to boost developing “Industrialization and Informatization” in Ningxia, we are determined to improve Ningxia information industry as our primary task, we will combine the trends of IT Industry and demand orientation to provide the four-star product mix and marketing services. Combining the internet, mobile information service, WAP, WEB and internet of things together by various practical measures  and try our best to make the new information platform, which is the wireless city application platform, in order to promote the implementation of digitization of information as quickly as possible in our region.
   With the coming of big data age of cloud computing these two years, our company found the Techniques Developing Department which is made of over ten selected technical talents. We have developed the Wireless City Marketing Management System by using network and advanced communication technology, and it has been put into use in China Mobile now, the wireless city application provides services to clients by integrating mutilple applications. Wireless city business marketing management system rely on the cloud computing platform, and it builds based on the cloud computing database. The cloud computing database has the following advantages, for instance, comprehensive planning, flexible configuration, quick response, efficient and energy saving, co-ordination dispatch and flexibility service, which are the inexorable trend of technology development, also it is the maximized effective guarantee of using resources, because it suits the demand of wireless city business development and it is the effective measure of quick cutting in strong point of internet. We could realize open the government affairs public, online working, interactions among citizens, and improve the satistaction of government. In this way, we could improve the efficiency of city management and the image of city brand through using smart city management application. We make a contribution in building “Wireless city, Smart city” in Yinchuan. Therefore, we acquired the national innovation funds of Ministry of Science and Technology in 2013.
   As the basic equipment of urban informatization and modernization, wireless city application is the vital direction of development in future. Our company will combine our peculiarities of technology development in 2013, based on the original wireless city marketing management system, so that we could construct framework of new “Wireless City” and all-around service platform by primary basic construction and service, software and service or platform and service. We can provide convenience in shopping, travelling, studying, educating, health care and so on by gathering a mass of information content and applications, we can provide the powerful tools in opening of enterprise, sales, advertising, management and so on, what’s more, we also can provide the benefit help in making government affairs public, supervising and city management, etc. Consequently, we could form an information applied platform of wireless city or smart city, aiming at facing the government, the enterprises, the persons, the advanced manufacturing industry, the precision agriculture and the modern service industry.
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