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Print the Promotion Plan of Industrial and Informatization Department Intellectual Property
The published date:2014-2-18  Popularity:824  Editor:admin

    To strenghen the work of intellectual property in the industrial and informatization field, to give the intellectual property full play in promoting transformation and upgrading and transformation in development mode pratically, according to the general requirements of Industrial Transformation and Upgrading Project, incorporating the implementation of national intellectual property, the Industrial and Informatization Department organized and printed the Promotion Plan of Industrial and Informatization Department Intellectual Property (referred as Promotion Plan)

    The main task of Industrial and Informatization Department centers on “ Promoting the industrial transformation and upgrading, improving the enterprise’s innovation ability”, try every means to build the good environment of applying intellectual property. The Promotion Plan is made of National Intellectual Property Task Analysis in 2012 and Promotion Plan Project of Industrial and Informatization Department in 2012, which contains 16 tasks and 44 projects. The primary content includes five aspects:

   Firstly, implementing the national intellectual property plan entirely. According to the Strategy Implementation Promotion Plan of National Intellectual Property in 2012, China Intellectual Property Protection Plan in 2012, and the Main points on Striking Invasion of Intellectual Property and Making Fake and Shoddy Goods by the State Council in 2012, we department decomposes the task into 16 specific tasks.
    Secondly, accomplishing the risk assessment and early warning project of intellectual property. We insist on the principle of “Emphasizing the key points, dealing with the difficulties, with developing the patent analysis and risk assessment of key technological field, and putting forward to the industrial risks and early warning evaluation index, thus, we can develop the tracking and analysing of intellectual property information in major industries and vital trade activities, in this way, we could provide the support of enterprise innovation technology and sound development.

    Thirdly, implementing the project of enterprise intellectual property creation ability. We work at the deploy of “Promoting on the safe side, expanding step by step”, all works should service the industrial transimission and upgrading, focus on the strategic emerging industries, put forward the basic requirements and assessment norms of industrial intellectual property management, explore the working moudle of encouraging industrial intellectual property, and guide or trained on the differents needs.
    Then, building the industrial intellectual property basic competence. We will pay more attention to set public servisce platform based on the synthetic data of industrial intellectual property, and intellectual property network publicity platform. We will set and perfect the intellectual property management policies and regulation documents, to provide the policy guarantee and condition of development intellectual property works.
    Lastly, studying of the important policies and similarity problems. Aiming at industrial transmission and upgrading with cultivating strategic emerging industry, we still have the important policies and similarity problems, we would analyse and do the reaserches, clear up the thinking, putting forward to measures and suggestions, to provide support and gists of industrial management, industrial policies and measure formulation.

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