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The Four Basic Modules of ERP
The published date:2014-2-19  Popularity:778  Editor:admin

1. The basic applied module: ERP system gives in form of the standard module of the usual function, which is the main part of ERP system. These modules maily include producting plan, materrial management, factory management, equipment management, quality management, marketing and distribution, financial management, cost control, management of human resources, item management and so on.

2. Customization modification and the secondary development tool: although the main idea of ERP is the standardization of procedure, it will have the differences between the different enterprises on marketing procedure, it won’t use the same procedure. Even if it uses the standarded procedure, it should configure the masses of system complex parameters. This kind of works always be complicated and a great many of workloads. However, ERP will provide a set of whold configuration and secondary development tool, and help the clients to realize the customization, perfection and addition as quickly as possible.

3. Formatter system: EPR is the isolated and all-purpose system, it needs communicate with the exterior applied system or developing situation. In addition, EPR give the interface for clients in advance, so that they can use it to provide the development tools and developing special applied module, and make it to connect with their owned basic module.

4. System kernel: this part mainly in charge of providing the functions of system and client-side, server operation system, DBMS etc. which can operate, demand the data and visit.

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