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The Inner Control of Enterprises Influence by Using ERP
The published date:2014-2-19  Popularity:767  Editor:admin

1. Under the ERP in controlling the procedures, the pass of data can ensure the data consistency  by data sharing; ensure the synchronism by network technology; finish data computing and gatering according to procedure formula auto-complete and ensure its correctness. In the point of internally piloting, all these procedures exclude human factores, it won’t happen the misstatement, false negatives, cheating under hand controlling, so it won’t be the important link of internal system. However, the normal operation of these procedures rely on the correctness and stability of Shenyang ERP system design. How to make sure these conditions, which becomes the key points of internal controlling.
2. Variation of controlling measures under ERP, the pass and handle of data is complete by computing on the setting formula in auto-complete, the correctness, integrity and promptness of passing data is rely on the correctness of setting procedure, for instance, the hand controlling such as checking or reviewing cannot finish the controlling requirements based on computing technology, so the main controlling measure is the conbination of auto-controlling and hand recording in key link. The change of controlling has more requirments of internal controlling staffs in enterprises.

3. Data safty condition under changing ERP, it will have a big change comparison by storing, passing and dealing of data. Dealing with data and access right under the hand controling of physics controlling becomes auto-controlling based on computing technology. This transformation will change the considerable factors in data safty controlling. Data safty controlling should primarily based on itself data safy while it rely on the stability of system operation and data storage condition.

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